DAFA Vision and Mission

DAFA as an implementing partner of MAPA is strongly committed to stand-on and support the vision, mission goals, and strategic objectives of the National Mine Action Strategic Plan (NMASP 2016-2020).

Vision: “A country free from landmines and explosive remnants of war…”
DAFA’s way-ahead: As a mandate of our commitment and being a signatory organization for NMASP we are employing our optimum efforts in order to fulfill the milestones of this vision in another way, this vision cannot be realized until the highest priority areas are not addressed in inaccessible areas in Afghanistan.

Thus, DAFA as a lead organization in terms of community ties and liaison especially in the high-risk regions remains committed to meet the needs and reduce the mine/UXO threats under any condition, utilizing the region and area appropriate approaches.

Mission: “A mine action program that delivers support of such efficiency and self-evident effectiveness…”


Being bound to the MAPA mission, we have redesigned our approach in a way that not only meets the expected standards but also offers efficiency with optimum quality.

In line with that, we strongly follow the principles of the ISO 9001-2015 in order to bring more efficiency to the program with the application of the continual improvement concept.

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